BTS Members: Full Names, Ages, Birthdays and Heights

BTS Members
BTS Full FormBangtan Sonyeondan
Bulletproof Boy Scouts (English) (According to J-Hope)
Bōdan Shōnendan (Japan)
Beyond The Scene (Announced in July 2017)
DebutOn June 12, 2013 (Single Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool)
Stage DebutOn June 13, 2013 (On M Countdown) (Album: No More Dream)
First AlbumsDark & Wild (Korean)
Wake Up (Japanese)
MembersJin – vocalist
Suga – Rapper
J-Hope – Rapper
RM – Leader, Rapper
Jimin – Vocalist
V – Vocalist
Jungkook – Main Vocalist

RM (Kim Namjoon)

BTS RM Kim Namjoon
Full NameKim Nam-joon or Rap Monster
Date of Birth12 September 1994
BirthplaceDongjak District, Seoul, South Korean
Age29 years old
Height5 feet 11 inches (181 cm)
SisterKim Geongmin

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin
Full NameKim Seok-Jin
Date of Birth4 December 1992
BirthplaceGwacheon-si, South Korea
Age31 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches (182 cm)
BrotherKim Seok-Joong

Suga (Min Yoongi)

BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi
Full NameMin Yoon-gi
Date of Birth9 March 1993
BirthplaceDaegu, South Korea
Age31 years old
Height5 feet 9 inches (179 cm)
BrotherKim Geum-Jae

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

BTS J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok
Full NameJung Ho-Seok
Date of Birth18 February 1994
BirthplaceIlgok-dong, Gwangju, South Korea
Age30 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches (176 cm)
SisterJung Ji-woo (4 years older)

Jimin (Park Jimin)

BTS Jimin aka Park Jimin
Full NamePark Ji-min
Date of Birth13 October 1995
BirthplaceBusan, South Korea
Age28 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches (173 cm)
FatherPark Hyun-soo
Brother Park Ji-Hyun

V (Kim Taehyung)

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung
Full NameKim Taehyung
Date of Birth30 December 1995
BirthplaceSeo District, Daegu, South Korea
Age28 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches (179cm)
BrotherKim Jeong Gyu
SisterKim Eon Jin

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

BTS Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook
Full NameJeon Jung-kook
Date of Birth1 September 1997
BirthplaceBusan, South Korea
Age26 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches (182cm)
MotherChoi Jong-yeon
BrotherJeon Jung-Hyung


What is the full form of BTS?

The full form of BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bulletproof Boy Scouts).

When did bts debut?

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), also known as the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, debuted on June 12, 2013, with their single album “2 Cool 4 Skool,” featuring tracks “No More Dream” and “I Like It.”

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